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Hi I’m Ashley! I was born an athlete. I started playing soccer at the age of 9. Playing collegiate soccer at Western Connecticut State University was one of the most pivotal moments of my life until I tore my ACL and Medial meniscus. I felt like my college career was over, but I wasn’t willing to give up.  Nothing was going to set me back, I was going to make sure that I would play again! I began my rehabilitation with an open mind and a commitment to show up sophmore year in a starting position. 

After my surgery, I began physical therapy. I had no choice but to trust the process and let my attitude and my desire to play again drive me! I set goals and hit the gym 3 times a week. As I began strength training I noticed that I wasn’t properly fueling my body. I began to experience health complications due to restrictive eating and poor dieting.  I learned the importance of nourishing my body with foods that supported my wellness. I really got how much food matters. I believed through mindset, dedication, and consistency I could achieve anything. This is when I discovered my love and passion for fitness and nutrition.
My goal is to educate you about what your doing, why your doing it and how to go about it. No one wants to feel left in the dark throughout their fitness journey. I’m here every step of the way providing feedback and answering any questions. I know what its like to self-sabotage, have low self-esteem and no confidence. 
I want to help you transform your life by lifting with purpose and building a new relationship with yourself, body, mind, and spirit. Let’s smash those old belief systems and create healthier habits. You’re worth it!

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Supporting people in achieving their health goals is my passion.